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Fretz hammer nylon inserts

I own a Fretz hammer with the nylon inserts. They inserts have become pretty well marred up. I KNOW that I can order replacements for the inserts but that seems a bit wasteful to me. I’ve tried to remove the frayed surface and the nicks with files, sandpaper, anything I can think of but I can’t get the nylon surface to be as smooth as it should be. Does anyone know how to recover the used inserts?

Face them in a lathe.
That said, unlike steel hammers soft-faced hammers don’t need to be smooth and polished to do the job. I’d not worry about it.

I have this hammer also and will follow the answers with interest. Have you moved to the finest of micro sandpapers? Are they currently marring your metal when you use them as described? Mine are still okay as they have not had a lot of use.

Since replacement heads are available for $3 to $5 or so, ho much of your bench time can you afford to waste on this pursuit? I would recommend using your time more creatively and just buy a new head or two.

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