Frequent talk about Apprenticeship

To all, There is frequent talk of the lack of apprenticeships
available. The following was posted to another web site. Teresa

Hello, My name is Tara Sanders. Our company is based out of
Shepherdstown, WV. The name is Sanders Associates and we have two
companies under that name. Sanders Museum Services is a custom
artifact mountmaking and exhibit installation company that specializes
in Public and Private Museums and Collections. We make custom brass,
acrylic, silver, steel, and textile armatures for objects. Sanders
Design is our other company. SD specializes in custom furniture,
lighting, and hardware for mostly private, some public clients. We
also make jewelry.

Our shops consist of: Steel Shop, Wood Milling Shop, Jewelry Shop,
Lost Wax Casting Shop, Blacksmith Shop and Forge. Among other things.

We are always looking for apprentices type people and there is an
immense amount of knowledge to be had.

If you would like to contact me, my email address is and if you would like to send me correspondence
and a resume through snail mail, our address is:

Sanders Associates 
Rt. 2 Box 794 
Shepherdstown,  WV   25443 

Office hours: 9-5 304 876 6622 You could call me Tuesday the 15th of
February to Friday the 18th in the office.

I will be out of the office from the 21st of February through the 5th
of March, however, I will still be available through e-mail.

Let me know!!!

Tara Sanders
Operations Manager
Sanders Associates