French Jewelers


I tried posting this before, with no luck, so I thought I would try

I will be going on sabbatical in France from around January 15-March
15, 2007. I am always looking for inspiration and to learn something
new. I love to see what other jewelers are working on, how their shop
is set up, etc. So, if there are any jewelers out there that would be
willing to let me visit their shop and chat a bit, I would be

Also, if there are ANY suggestion of things that I must see or do
jewelry related, please tell me!

I will be staying in St. Cloud (just north of Paris) for most of my
time, but also taking trips to (most likely) London and Italy
(probably Venice) so if anybody there would be willing to let me
visit, please drop me a note!

Anybody is welcome to contact me off the forum with any kind of

Thank you for your timeā€¦ cheers, tracey