Freidich Dick files

Several months ago someone mentioned visiting the Freidich Dick
company. I’m planning a trip to Switzerland, France and Germany later
this year and was hoping to visit the factory. Does anyone remember
the location of the factory?

A number of years ago (6 years or so) ago we visited the F. Dick
factory in Esslingen, Germany. Esslingen is near Stuttgart and not
far from Pfortzheim (sp?) - I had wanted to see the jewelry museum
and visit Fischer Tools in Pfortzheim and my husband was hoping to
find carbon steel knives at the Freidich Dick factory in Esslingen.
Unfortunately for him, F. Dick, as virtually all other commercial
kitchen knife companies had ceased manufacturing carbon steel and
made only stainless steel, but - I discovered their tools. The
representative who met with us was kind enough to give me a tool
catalog and to permit me to buy a couple of cylinder files. I’ve
been a fan ever since! The factory is near the train station in
Essenlingen. Good luck and have a great trip!