Free ZBrush and Maya tutorials

Ok, here’s what you do - go to Somehow you need to sign
up for a free user account - try to go to the forums, and it will
likely put up a registration page. In any case, do that. Then go to
the forums, and it will have a topic called “Free Maya and Zbrush
Tutorials”. Read that thread, and it will have a link to the tutorial
page - you log into the movies with another UN/PW which they tell
you. This is all legit, legal, and on the up-and-up. It’s because
they have an agreement with the producers of the tutorials - at least
that’s what they say, and it seems true, plus where I got this from
doesn’t tolerate nonsense. Unlimited access and there’s no time
limit, either. There are 40 hours of them. If you want to learn
either program (or they have zbrush 2 & 3), or if you’re just curious
about them, check it out.