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Free rendering lesson on-line

Dear Orchidians,

Does anyone know of any on-line site that offers rendering lessons?
Where I live getting any in books is impossible. And mailing into the
country is not possible. Except for DHL all mail is subject to theft.

Sharron in hot, dusty Dhaka

No, I don’t know specifically an online source for learning
rendering, but there are some excellent sources for learning to
draw, online. And that’s basically the same thing.

I love this site, and have been improving my drawing skills using
the lessons on this site. The professor who wrote all the articles
has put a lot of thought into how to teach people to draw. It’s
directed at teachers of children, but ignore that and just practice
drawing jewelry.

Rendering in jewelry just means you’ll use Prismacolors and draw on
colored drawing paper.

Good luck!


As lessons online seem non-existant, you might want to get the
Adolfo Mattiello book “Techniques of jewelry Illustration and Color

It is excellent. I would also suggest that you get the templates
that can be ordered separately.

Many years ago I was fortunate to be able to take a workshop in
rendering with George McLean. It was a brief 3 day workshop, but we
covered quite a bit—mostly on rendering different shaped stones. We
worked with neutral colored papers, prismacolors, watercolors,
gouache and pencils of different hardness.

I recently purchased the Mattiello book,and the templates as it goes
into much greater depth, for example, showing rings in different
perspectives. I have decided to spend at least an hour or two a day
learning each of the lessons.

It does not require an expensive outlay for materials. Although
Mattiello states that a drawing board is essential, I have been able
to get along quite well without one, as well as some of the other
items which are listed as essential. One can always improvise.

Alma Rands

Dear Sharron - go to You can join for free and it’s an
incredible site. The gold rose demonstration will be especially
useful for you.Remember to always show a source of light point when
drawing/sketching your piece to show reflection. Start with
simpleshapes in black and white, then move into colored pencils.
Light gray vellum or bristol paper is the best place to begin.As with
anything all it takes is practice. My design students use this site
for class (when they listen). Happy Drawing !

Margie Mersky

Another online source for drawing instruction is

You must sign up, but it’s free. The only difference I can see
between the free version and the paid version is that you can’t
print or download the lessons. There are dozens of drawing lessons
available. I can’t remember how I stumbled upon it, but it’s a great

Bev Ludlow
Renaissance Jewelry

Here is a site that has printable pages for rendering designs. Hope
this helps.

Roxan O’Brien


In my website I have a page where I rendered a tulip. Also there is
some on painting yellow and white colour metals. At the
end of this page I gave about reticulation.’sdesignatulip.htm

Kind regards from sunny Antalya-Beycik
Oya B.