[Free eBook] Practical Jewelry Rendering by Tim McCreight

Tim McCreight, Brynmorgen Press offers FREE eBook through the
Ganoksin project website.

“Practical Jewelry Rendering” by Tim McCreight

The essence of rendering is magic - the grand illusion that something
as elusive as an idea seems to exist as a tangible object. The
advantages of rendering are obvious: it is faster and more economical
to refine an idea on paper than in precious metal. Renderings are
often used to convey accurately to a client or to
communicate with a model maker or gem cutter. And just as important,
it?s fun. This engaging visual tutorial will get you started!

This practical tool-in-a-book combines instruction on rendering
techniques with unique guides that assist designers as they conceive
jewelry and other works for the body. An envelop on the inside back
cover contains a useful plastic template of circles, squares and
other shapes as well as a ruler.

This unusual book is offers not only instruction, but dozens of
illustrations of the human figure that can be used as armatures upon
which to design jewelry. By placing a sketch paper over one of these
figures, a designer is able to see how a shape relates to the ear,
shoulder or neck. The effect is dramatic, and leads to instant
improvement in designing wearable jewelry

The complete book is now available online and can be also downloaded
as a PDF file from The Ganoksin Project website

Jewelry History Brought Alive

Over the last three decades we have acquired over 40 rare historical
Metalsmithing books that we are making available to jewelers,
goldsmiths and the metalsmithing community.

These books cover special techniques in depth like chasing,
repousse, engraving, niello making, Japanese chiseling, soldering,
construction, patination and metal coloring, silversmithing and
more. There are many recipes for alloys and metal surface