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[Fraud alert] Credit card fraud


For those of you doing mail order or internet, please be aware that
fraud attempts have increased dramatically this week. I’ve had orders
from Australia using UK cards with shipping to a USA drop ship
company. Kuwait delivering to Arlington VA. UK cards shipping to
Seattle. They suspect this is the target breach being used although I
see a lot of cards coming from the UK that are being used
fraudulently. The banks do not care as they have no liability, just
the merchant.

I just got a chargeback form letter and a new classification is
shipping to a non-billing address. You have no right of recourse if
you ship to a different address than the billing address. If the zip
code matches but the address does not, it is now a chargeback.
Mother’s Day is the second highest fraud holiday so be aware.

If in doubt, track the IP Address, put in the first six digits of
the credit card to find the originating bank. If neither are close to
the address being used, start making calls if you want to pursue it.
Without the swipe of the physical card, you have absolutely no
grounds to stand on.