Franklin Show

Anyone in the Orchid group going to attend (buyer or seller) the
shows (AKS & G&LW, etc) in Franklin NC the end of July? I plan on
being there for at least 2 days and welcome recommendations on
particular displays or dealers to see. tx,



There probably will be a number of faceters at the Franklin show, (as
buyers), and even more at the Spruce Pine show a week later.

I plan to be at Frannklin Fri, Sat. and Sun. Have not found any
practical way to identify people at these shows, except possibly
writing Orchid on the name tag. I may try that.

I do custom cutting and some repair of colored so these
shows are a source of rough for us cutters, and we tend to congregate

Bill Ehney

Hi Regis,

I plan on attending, especially since I missed the Franklin show in
May. If you’ve never been to Franklin, prepare to be surprised… the
biggest gem shows I’ve been to (never having been to Tucson). One
vendor I always seek out is Tim Roark Imports from Atlanta, although
I’m not certain they’re still attending the shows in Franklin. I
understand the shows have been moved to new facilities since the last
time I went, so it will be a whole new ball game for me, too.

If there are a lot of Orchid people who respond, maybe we can try and
get together! What do you think?


Dave Sebaste
Sebaste Studio and
Carolina Artisans’ Gallery
Charlotte, NC (USA)