Frankensteining a benchmate

Hi all

I have a spare benchmate. I am setting a lot of large cabs and coins
in rings. Solid back settings.

The curved benchmate ring holder is useless for this, but I love
what I can do with most rings with my benchmate.

Can I cut down the spare benchmate to make a flat setting surface
and not bugger the thing? (That’s Australian)

It looks like a simple thing to do, but us oldies know how that can
work out! LOL! Did not the Boomers invent, " It seemed a good idea at
the time!"


Hi Richard,

Why hack up the benchmate peg at all? They make a flat topped shelac
pad for them. Clamps in the jaws of the peg.

They also make a plastic peg with a screw-on cup for thermoset, or
setter’s cement. Just use that, and make your own end.

Alternately, why not just machine up an aluminium peg? It’s a dirt
simple form. (FYI, the threads are all inch grade, not metric.)