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I have been a member of Orchid for a relatively short period of time
but I do have about 30 years of jewelry/metal working experience. I
just built my 1st studio 3 years ago. A lot of the studio was DIY
and I like to share what my solutions to certain challenges are.
Below is a link to an album briefly explaining the creation of my
Frankenbench. For those familiar with the creature, here’s one more
example, for those that aren’t, let this serve as an introduction.

Be well,


Sharing files and pictures with Orchid is easy - Simply attach them
to your Orchid post.


Thanks for the pics Duke! I really like the bench and how you seem
to be using all the available space in the studio, walls included.
It seems somehow very organic, like things go where they go because
that’s the natural place to put them. I’m a big ‘fan’ of inline
fans, so liked that, and also really like the bright yellow walls
and blue trim. One concern was that vent in the floor right behind
your chair, I’d think that all dropped stones would head right for
that as their best option for escape. I have a floor drain not too
far from my bench that I put a fine screen over as a preventative
for just such an escape. I’m guessing you’ve done the same sort of
thing. Back to the bench, I really love using what is available to
make what you need rather than just buying new stuff. It’s more
meaningful that way. Maybe you should call it your