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Francois Thibault - Jewelry Gallery

My name is Francois Thibault, (T-BO) I’ve been carving using a multitude of mediums for the past 25 years or so here in Yellowknife NWT Canada.

A few years back, a couple of die hard prospectors found that the north had a bit more than snow covering it’s land. They found Ice ! Big, beautiful Diamonds of world quality.
As an artist/sculptor, I was selected to create the BHP Billiton’s signature peice for Canada’s first diamond producing mine. I was delighted to see that my work was chosen for the fall cover of the 2002 GIA’s publication Gem& Gemology.

Today, I’m still looking for the next big challenge and still I’m still hoping to move south someday to thaw out! Baby it’s cold up here!
I thank Ganoksin and everyone that shares their knowledge openly, there are a lot of people that appreciate it.
There are still a lot of places where artist are forced to learn on there own, I know, I’m one of them. The resources found here are immeasurable! Bravo to you all.

At peace with an angel

Fossil Mammoth Ivory (actual size)