Fragile CAD printer waxes


I have a question about waxes printed from a CAD printer. Some are
very fragile, and I was wondering if it is possible to fix them if
they break.

Is it possible to glue or somehow affix broken pieces together?

Thank you!

I suppose, the problem would be the burnout, but I’d be talking to
the person that printed them and see if they are willing to use a
different brand of wax.

Some of the guys over here in Oz use a more durable wax (in fact I
dropped a wax model at a trade show and it bounced).

I sometimes do lost foam casting, and it’s far less refined than
jewellery casting, and to glue and add detail I use a fillet
material from Blehm plastics that is designed to burn out.

Regards Charles A.

Yes it is possible. Depending on what kind of wax it is will depend
on the method used to fix it. If it is a solidscape wax (blue green),
which is the most fragile, you can repair using a wax pen and some
red spruing wax. Anything else would need ultraviolet light to cure.
Hope this helps!!