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Fracture filling [Was: soldering colored stones]

       I won't let my repair man heat anything other than
diamonds and even those we check thoroughly  for fracture

I’ve been wondering how you check for fracture filling. Thanks!
Cindy Eid

There is usually, but not always, a telltale flash of colors
around the filling. Some of the manufacturers (the ones who are
honest about it) create their fillers in a way that guarantees
the flash of color, and they each use slightly different tell
tale colors. The GIA has published a number of articles on ways
to identify the flash and also offer courses on it, which I
highly recommend for anyone working with diamonds today. The big
problem is with the mellee that is treated, as it is so small
that it can be next to impossible to see the color flashes,
especially when the goods are set in something. I know that there
were articles in past Gems and Gemology magazines on this. You
should contact the bookstore at the GIA and see if they can get
you back copies. It really helps however to actually see the
real thing so if you can get to a seminar on the subject you