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Fracture filled diamonds

   "Dear Ruth, Sounds like you have heated a "clarity-enhanced"

Hello. I wanted to share what I know about these gems. The
previous poster was correct, they can be refilled by Yehuda or the
other company.

If this is in fact what you have, and not a burned diamond…a
fracture filled diamond is a diamond of low clarity (say I1, 2 or
3) which has a large surface reaching fracture. It is then filled,
under pressure and temperature with leaded glass. This leaded
glass is a relatively stable feature as long as the jeweler’s torch
doesn’t touch it. If torched, it melts out.

The key to avoiding melting it is to avoid torching it in the
first place. (Then, if detected, the stone must be removed from the
setting.) One gemological lab in my area will do a free “fracture
filling check” for jewelers. There is a poster available from GIA
which depicts fracture filling and how to detect it. It is really
quite easy. Once you’ve seen it once, you see how distinctive it
is, and that fear goes away. Use your microscope or a loupe, look
through the diamond esp. through the pavilion and as you rock and
tilt the diamond (if it is fracture filled) you will see a flash
of an unnatural color – such as purple. This is the glass
refracting light differently from the rest of the diamond.

The only “hard” part about the above is differentiating it from
natural iridescence.

Hope this is helpful. -Elaine Luther