Fractals, proportion and jewellery design

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These and many similar questions bothered me for a long time. But
when I have read "Fractal Geometry of Nature", I noticed
remarkable similarity between jewellery designs and Julia Sets.
Could it be possible that Goldsmithing Traditions carry encoded
messages from the Past. That is a fascinating subject to ponder." -
Leonid Surpin 

I’ve always been a lover of fractals. Not only are they abundant in
nature, but I think we have an internal system for either creating
them or finding them everywhere. If you want direct visual evidence
of that, try some tryptamines,but even in normal states of mind, the
machinery is still there.

Few of us can describe what has good proportion in any rational way

  • things either have good form or they don’t. Sure, individual taste
    makes things beautiful or ugly to the viewer, but good proportion is
    hard to argue with.

To Leonid’s question, about encoded messages from the past, I say,
proba= bly not - I think it’s more likely that jewellers and other
artists have a keener sense of proportion that other people, and
that sense of proportion is built on a foundation of fractal

This could extend back to the beginning of life - I think that the
first multicellular organisms were fractal in form, consisting
initially of numerous cells in a colony. There are some examples of
that on the website Leonid linked to at:

As living things developed a nervous system, perhaps we evolved
"fractal finding" systems, to allow us to find food or a mate.

Some of the Julia set fractals really remind me of 2-stone and
3-stone engagement rings. All of us might do well to use these kind
of fractals as a system for deciding relative sizes of center stones
in clusters…etc, just like the Greeks had a system of proportions
for drawing a beautiful face.


this is one of my favorite topics! i was a theoretical math major in
college and two of my first loves were fractals and sacred geometry.
some artisans from the past certainly encoded their work with
secrets – just do a little research on the egyptians and you will be
amazed. i recently made a pendant that uses a design called “the
flower of life” rumored by some in the esoteric communities to
contain all the mysteries of the universe. i don’t know if that’s
true or not, but i will say that the pendant gets a ton of

it is amazing what the ancients managed to encode into their
architecture and jewelry. consider the beautiful mosaics in the arab
and spanish mosques… or even caesar’s (tomb?) - i can’t remember
which part of the forum, but one of the monuments was astrologically
plotted so that the sun at mid day would shine exactly on the
frontispiece on caesar’s birthday (and yes, i say astrologically
rather than astronomically because that was their intent).

in modern times, jewelry so often mimics nature, and nature is filled
with fractals. so whether consciously or subconsciously, (and i
believe it is both), i full heartedly agree that jewelry often
carries within its designs the most beautiful mysteries of the