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Fractal dimensions

I find Romanesco cauliflower to be beautiful.

Larry Bima

Why do I do that to myself ? Measurement of anything is an 
approximation depending on chosen scale, so it has meaning only if
 scale is established. Of course. Why not go further: according to
quantum mechanics you can't even measure the precise location of
anything anyway, since it doesn't exist in a precise location. 

But, once you get an order of magnitude or two beyond humans visual
acuity it is a specious argument.

I cannot explain it better than I have. If you want to understand,
there are books to help you. 

You don’t have to explain it better, a laser is far more accurate at
measuring anything better than any person (including you and me).

My understanding of fractals is entirely visual and goes Mandelbrot

  • Mandelbulb - Mandelbox.

Search Youtube for any of the ‘Mandels’ + ‘Zoom’, and see what
computers are doing today. ‘Mandelbrot Zoom’ will take you from the
entire galaxy to an electron, and there you will find another

Fly-throughs of some fantastic 3D object that will never run out of
detail no matter how close you zoom. see ‘Mandelbox Zoom’!

While watching it’s hard to differ between the art and the technique
while being assaulted with awesomeness.

A whole new world was right here. Wait, it’s still here. Catch it
before it gets locked up.