Found a studio in Boston!

Hi all,

You may remember that I was looking for a studio space to practice
my metalsmithing skills. found a great, welcoming space: Stonybrook
Fine Arts in JP area of Boston - they do everything from welding to
clay sculpture to large and small scale metal casting to all types
of jewelry there. They aren’t as fancy as the other studios in the
area, but their welcoming atmosphere makesup for the lack of
"prettiness" - I like the space - it’s inspiring and a true
"studio." They also have private studio spaces to rent there as
well. I have even been a teaching assistant for a few of their basic
"make a ring"classes - it’s nice to feel wanted and trusted.

Open studio time is available anytime they are open and not running
a class!Yay!! And, for those interested- it is VERY accessible by
the T.

I will continue to take my classes at Metalwerx - they really do
offer some fun and interesting and high-quality specialty classes
there - unless I can find a private teacher to help me further my
education for less $$ at Stonybrook or another studio (if anyone on
the list teaches privately- please e me off list!!!)…

Also, if anyone wants to think about sharing studio space at this
location with me - please let me know and we can get on the waiting


I’m so happy you found what you were looking for! I hope you will
share pictures of what you create there.

Donna W
Huntsville, AL