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Forming resources sought / alum pickle

Hi, all. Does anyone have recommendations for the “best” book
from which to learn forming, specifically anticlastic
technique? I am now in Guam where there is no jewelry program
and have not found a mentor, so am looking for resourses that
are concise. I have made jewelry for several years, but have
only recently delved into metalsmithing- which I love.

Regarding the alum pickle, I have tried it and it does work.
However, its life is very short. And, in my opinion, not worth
it. I used two of the small sized spice containers of alum to
about a quart of water. The water must be hot and the solution
brand new for it to work. The solution only lasts through
pickeling of a couple of pieces and is killed more quickly when
yellow ochre has been used. I found that lemon juice or vinegar
was better! My exploration with this pickle was due to the move
overseas. The movers would not take any of my chemicals and I
was trying things in a pinch. I ended up calling Rio for a
quickie order of pickle as it was so ineffective, it was not
worth the trial. IMHO, anyway.