Forming bangles

I’m not to sure as a first time user of this board how to post msgs.
So here goes.

I’m looking for any info on forming bangles out of “carved” and
engraved silver plate.

I’ve heard native (Canadian Aboriginal) engravers use something
called a “bangle bender” but as much as I’ve tried I can’t seem to
find either a picture or a description of one online or elsewhere.

I’ve cosidered a rolling mill, however, I can’t help but think that
the metal “dies” will damage the engraved surfaces.

Any ideas ?

Welcome, Kevin. You’re posting right!

I use a section of 2 inch pvc pipe to make bangles. Just loop the
wire around the pipe to form it. The wire springs out to about 2 1/2
to 2 3/4 inch diameter.

A regular bracelet mandrel will work too, but if it tapers, you’ll
get progressively smaller or larger bangles.

Chuck in Asheville


I think the tool you are looking for is a tube mill, it is like a
rolling mill but with three rollers instead of two. The set up is
two rollers at the bottom and one at the top. As you are only
shaping the bangles you will not need too much pressure so you can
protect the engraving with smooth adhesive tape while shaping. If
you are shaping high relief surface sheet you could have wooden
rollers instead of the steel ones.

I hope this helps.
James Miller

Hi Kevin,

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