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Forming acrylic

I’m hoping Orchid will have an answer to my dilemma. I got the
bracelet holders from RGA, the ones that allow you to set the
bracelet at various positions with insertion of a peg in several
places. My problem is the acrylic band is too large for most of the
standard sized cuff bracelets. I’ve cut the ends off a bit and that
helped some, but what I really need to do is reshape the bracelet
form a little better. Does anyone have any experience with this and
can give me a few pointers? Thanks in advance, group.

Hi Katherine,

This is risky but I do from time to time form plexiglas. It’s
thermoplastic - I hope that’s the correct term, in any event it’s
the kind of plastic which softens with heat, can be bent to shape
when hot, and retains the shape after it’s cooled down again.

I use a blowtorch with a bushy broad flame, gently, from a distance,
to heat as evenly as possible the area I want to get soft, then bend
the soft hot plastic over a mandrel of the appropriate shape, then
when it’s taken the shape spray it with water to cool it & freeze
the shape before it sags or some awkward motion of my own messes it
up. An assistant can be helpful.

As I said it’s risky. Too much heat will bubble the plastic, a bit
more will set it on fire. Been there done that. You might want to
experiment with a few pieces of scrap to get a feel for how it