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Foredom powergraver

Hello everyone. The thing is that I`ve been offered a second hand
"foredom powergraver" and also been told that it is superb for stone
setting, that the Powergraver performs almost like a Gravermax in
bead, channel, bezel setting, but a much lower cost. Is it true or am
I just about to buy a cheap but probably not very useful piece of
equipment for my stone setting shop? Thanks in advance for any
comment or advice. Fernando, Spain.

Fernando…although it will perform many functions it is '‘not’'
the replacement for a gravermax. I have a pfengst impact hammer and
it has performed much like a graver max… it lacks the fine
control. Just remember to keep your bits tight. Ringman John

I have owned and sold the foredom power graver. I bought the GRS
power graver to replace the foredom. My feeling is this: If you
are going to do alot of setting work, ie: setting is a main part of
your business, bite the bullet and buy the GRS. However, if you are
like me and do occaisional setting jobs, tightening up stones after
sizing, doing an occasional remount, try the foredom. if you are
buying it used, it shouldn;t cost more than two hundred US dollars;
the GRS with the compressor and hand piece will work into close to
between 1500 and 2000 new. Even if you do not like the foredom,
you can sell it and always buy the grs like i did. The GRS is a
great tool, but you still must be a good setter to make proper use
of it.

My two cents worth

I have sold the Powergraver in my store but the Badeco Hammer
handpiece or the N’graver hand piece seem to be more popular with
the stone setters. Can someone shed some light on this. I would to
learn a little more on this subject. Hello Gerry I know that the GRS
products are desired and much better.

Kenneth Singh