Foredom lubercating

Hi everyone… I just purchased a foredom for use at my workbench
and I’m so excited to get started… However, when i was putting
it together, the instructions said to lubercate the shaft with
this special foredom lubercation… etc… However, I can’t make
it back to the jewelry supply place to purchase it, so what else
can i use? sorry for being such a novice, but i don’t want to use
the wrong stuff. any suggestions? -amery

If you purchased a new Foredom, the shaft is probably
pre-lubricated and already installed in its cable. All you have
to do is connect the handpiece .In that case it’ll be a long
while before you’ll need to lubricate it. You have to work that
thing really hard before it needs lubrication again.It’s an
efficient piece of machinery designed to take a lot of

Hi Amery,

Congratulations! Finally, someone that reads the instructions!

If it’s a new unit, don’t worry about lubrication just yet. The
unit was lubricated when it was assembled & will work for quite
some time before needing additional lubrication. Even if it’s a
used unit, there is probably enough lubricant present to permit
usage until you get back to the supplier. Foredom provides a kit
containing a tube of grease & one of oil for the Foredom. You’re
better off using the mfgrs lub kit, unl;ess you’re knowledgable
about lubricants. Sometimes mixing lubs can result in a sticky,
gummy mess that does everything but lubricate. Follow the
instructions that came with the unit for lubrication. Usually the
items that need cleaning & lubrication are the flexshaft &
motor(depending on wether it has sleve or ball bearings).