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Foredom foot control question

About a month ago I posted that my basement had flooded and the
SCT-1 foot control for my Foredom had been immersed. I couldn’t
figure out how to open the thing up to clean it out, so I just let it
dry out for a week or so before using it. When I tried it again, it
worked, but now the pedal switch sticks. It doesn’t have a low speed
anymore, it seems to jump straight to a medium speed. That makes the
handpiece torque and really makes it hard to control.

My husband finally figured out how to open the foot pedal case up
last weekend, and after fussing with it for a while, he informed me
that the switch is shot. I dug through the Orchid archives and
learned that these switches can be replaced. But the archives didn’t
tell HOW to replace it.

I just got a new switch during a trip to CR Hill, but they did not
have instructions, and Foredom doesn’t have anything on their site on
this topic. Maybe my clever husband can figure it out by himself, but
I’d like to have directions handy, just in case…I’d rather not have
to buy a new foot pedal just now.

Does anyone have a set of instructions on how to change the switch
in a SCT-1 Foredom foot pedal? Thanks in advance!

–Kathy Johnson
Feathered Gems Pet Motif Jewelry

The Foredom SCT-1 foot speed control uses a “trigger switch” for the
control. It got it’s name because it was origionally designed for
variable speed control electric drills. There are four wires to
connect, two from the power cord and two to the other end that goes
to the motor. Foredom changed the kind of trigger switch they use
and the replacement part may have different wire connections. I
have the instructions for both old style and the new style. I will
be glad to help you by phone, or email, or send a SASE I will mail
the instructions to you.

The Jewelry Equipment Dr.

Kathy, I recently replace a switch in a Foredom SET-1 Foot Speed
Control. I don’t have specific instructions but it is pretty straight
forward. When removing the old one, note how it is connected and just
reverse the process when installing the new one. Joel

Joel Schwalb


If you send me your fax number, I can send you directions on how to
replace a trigger switch.

I believe that Foredom uses the same kind of switch that we use in
our #9 ‘Low-Boy’ Rheostat.

PS: It really is very simple.

Sincerely, Richard Lucas…

Speaking of controlling speed, my recent and fast becoming my
favorite, method of control is the dial rheostat, speed control,
using different constant speeds for different jobs and materials is
all that i usually need, especially for cleaning, or light wax
carving, it is also good to use in conjunction with a pedal (solid
state model), which gives you a speed of zero to whatever the dial
is set to, so you don’t end up at top speed when you don’t need
to, gives the foot a rest, and allows it to be used for steading
the arms and hands instead, dp