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Foredom excellent service department

I would like to mention the fantastic experience I had with the
service department of Foredom, as I mentioned before (mid november)
on the forum I have the foredom LX and the SR version, the hammer
handpiece became to “hot” to hold after working with it for more
than 10 minutes.

I had send a email regarding this problem to Foredom, after 2 or 3
emails between the service department were they initially offered to
send me free of charge spare parts to replace the parts what created
possible the issue, Foredom decided that as it was not clear why the
problem occurred to send me a NEW handpiece free of charge and
postage !! (I live in spain)

And that in spite of the fact that the machine was 18 months old and
I had bought it from Rio Grande and not directly from Foredom!

Talking about a great service! They have certainly won a advocate
for there service and a customer for life!!