FOREDOM #15 Hammer Handpiece

I am considering buying an Foredom #15 hammer handpiece for stone
setting and texturing. I have a Foredom S motor which operates at
speeds up to 18,000 rpm. The maximum recommended speed for the #15
handpiece is 5,000 rpm. Is it OK to use the #15 with the S motor as
long as I am careful not to operate it too fast? What would happen
if I did overspeed for a long period of time ? have people used the
#15? Is it durable/does it last long? Would anyone recommend a
different hammer handpiece for my Foredom?

Thanks in advance
Milt Fischbein
Calgary, Canada

Milt, It’s a great tool. Just keep the rpm’s down so that you don’t
overheat it. I’ve used one for years. Joel


Hello Milt! Go to a demo if you can first. Nothing worse than wishing
you had bought something else. For what you describe “texturing and
stonesetting” you have a good tool picked out. Don’t expect to much
pwer for stonesetting however. You will still be using a punch and
hammer occasionally. As far as speed, don’t worry about it. You won’t
be tempted to run at high speeds. Just go for it!

one word -


These are the best hammers around! I have a heavy duty Badeco hammer
handpiece and it is probably the best $200 I have ever spent! I use
it constantly and have never had a single problem with it. The heavy
duty model has a little meatier throw on it so it takes a little
getting used to, but it is so unbelievably worth it!

Best of luck,

Heather Sickler
Intrica Fine Jewelry

Thanks for your questions, Milt. I am looking at making the same
kind of deciscion but I am contemplating the Badeco handpiece instead.
Can anyone tell both Milt and I what the pros and cons of each
alternative are? The # 15 Foredom is considerably less expensive than
the Badeco - is the differential in price explained by the difference
in quality? Just for the record, I am not in a position to
contemplate the Gravermate so, while I may be able to justify it in a
number of years, my price boundaries are defined by the two
alternatives I list above. Thanks, all! Shael

While they’re not what they used to be, the Foredom hammer handpiece
is still a great tool. I have several Foredoms and a Swiss style
Badeco hammer handpiece as well. I use it w/ an “s” motor and also
w’ an Otto flex from Frie and Borel (1/5 hp).

I use this tool for stone setting and riveting. Great tools. One
caution: the anvil point on the Foredom is hardened, I’ve had several
break off, leaving the threads in the tool. The handpiece must be
repaired then. Don’t drop the handpiece on its tip!

These tools can do a lot of damage quickly if not used w/ caution.

Good luck, Andy Cooperman

If you’ve got a compressor, the System 3 pneumatic handpiece is about
$328, a bit steep, but what I prefer, since it uses the GRS system of
interchangable tool holders. I can use it to hammer, to engrave, I
even have a kind of “prong-puller” I made for it. The bits fit into
the GRS hand pieces, which go with the Gravermate and Gravermax. You
can put them in handles for hand engraving. I also have a Benchmate,
the stone setters set up. I love the whole GRS system. I’ll never
go back to a hammer handpiece for the fordom.

does anyone out there know of any books or videos on how to use the
#15 hand hammer piece? I have one and have never used it - thanks for
any suggestions Aileen