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Fordom hammerhead piece

Hi, I have a Fordom FlexShaft Motor -CC 110-130 AC-DC 8 Amp that I use on a transformer because I’m living now out of the USA.
I was thinking of buying a Fordom Hammer Headpiece H.15 or H150.
I went to the Fordom site and wrote them months ago but never heard back.
I wanted to know if one was more compatible with my motor that would be running on a transformer.

If anyone here has any thoughts about it , I’d be happy to hear. And any thoughts about the two different Hammerhead pieces.

Thank you, Marna,

Hi Marina

I “once” had a Foredom-hammer but after only 6 (six) months it gave up the ghost. Apparently the inside rotating mechanism is the problem. I just chucked it into the metal-recycling bin and now using a Bedaco unit for the past 10+ years.

I suggest contacting and check if it’s compatible with your motor. Just thoughts and past experiences!

The “customers service” at Foredom seems to be poor…;(

Gerry, on my iPhone

thank you , i guess i have to wait " This Site Is Under Construction and Coming Soon"

Badeco handpieces fit Foredom flex shafts. They use the same style and size of attachment. The motor itself is not an issue.

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I’m guessing your happy with yours too , over the foredom? To tell the truth I’ve never heard of Badeco.

Contact any tool supplier and ask for a “Badeco”-reciprocating hammer. These are the best, they aren’t cheap! But after using them often and with excellent results you’ll be happy that you bought it.
“When you buy cheap, then you will have problems!”
These are “Swiss Made” and not in an off-shore country!
Gerry, on my iPhone

From 5 years I am using foredom 15 hammer handpiece and it works just fine for 90% of tasks. Sometime with very heavy pieces they lack power or maybe it is operator error :slight_smile:
Foredome warns you to not use it with high rpm - that is what kills them.
If you have coins, I and many other will advise you to buy badeco. If you are on budget - buy foredom 15 and hammer on :wink:

I bought the Badeco MX-1 Strong micromotor from Otto Frei a couple of months ago, and I have been thrilled with it. You can get 4 handpieces – regular (3/32), jacobs chuck style, hammer handpiece, and reciprocating (filing), so if you go that route it all adds up, but I’ve found it to be worth it. There’s a youtube video showing how it works. I also bought the set of Foredom anvil points, which work just fine in the Badeco and are less expensive than the Badeco ones. It was way more money than I wanted to spend, but I did not have good luck with cheaper micromotors, so I put it on a credit card and paid it off over a couple of months. The nicest thing about it is that you can adjust the force of the hammer strike by flipping a switch, which allows for a delicate tap tap tap for stone setting and controlled texturing in small areas. One thing I haven’t been able to find are videos for other creative uses (such as chasing and repousse), so I’ll just have to play with it to see where that takes me. Bottom line: I don’t know how I lived without it.