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Forbes: Worst Jobs for the 21st century

Did anyone see this on the other day?
If you cannot connect to the above link here is a copy of the text:

"Forbes: Worst Jobs for the 21st century

Jewelers and Precious Stone and Metal Workers

The number of jewelers in the U.S. is expected to decline, but
by less than 1% by 2014, the Department of Labor says.
Nonetheless, the industry isn’t growing, largely due to the
influx of mass-produced jewelry in recent years. Would-be
necklace and ring makers shouldn’t be entirely discouraged–the
government says prospects for highly skilled jewelers,
particularly those who make custom or luxury jewelry–are

You might want to work on your entrepreneurial skills if you
plan on going into this field though. About 40% of all jewelers
are self-employed, according to the Labor Department.

Working conditions: many jewelers work alone, requires
vocational training, local retailers rely heavily on
word-of-mouth advertising.

Median salary: about $28,000 per year."

Well I haven’t seen the Forbes article but you can get the full write
up about the statistics at The site.Look under Jewelers and
Precious Stone and Metal Workers.

My take on the subject is that new workers of the trade will be in
high demand because of people retiring in the trade.Taking this into
consideration the decline will be prevail-ant because more people
be retiring than beginning into the trade.I think a high demand for
education in the trade will be the key to successive growth if it is
met with equal force from people who teach the many aspects of it.
industry goes through it’s morphing stage as time and people
change.As for manufactured mass quantities of jewelry,there will be a
significant demand for repair of them in future times.

There’s alot to be understood about the future of our trade.Anyway
that’s part of my two cents for today.

Daniel Wade