For those who have messaged me about Tomas’ Jewelry Course for Zbrush

Jeweler and ganoksin member for years. I have received questions about switching over to zbrush and 3d printing to design and craft jewelry. I miss time at the bench but my workflow has greatly improved with zbrush. My teacher is Tomas Wittlesbach and for those of you that have asked his online platform is
It can be daunting to switch to digital learning but it is so great once you get the hang of it and Tomas is a wonderful teacher. I also love being part of the Ganoksin community. If anyone has more questions then feel free to reach out.

Hi Carmit

I have been using Matrix CAD software since V 7.0 and love it. I purchase zbushcore some years back to get more organic shapes and would import back and forth between the two but never got good. Have not figured out the tablet and have been looking for more instruction.

So Thanks