[For sale] Propane torch head & hose - Europe

Hi! I recently moved from Germany to the US, but my torch head &
hose for a propane tank is still in Germany, waiting to be sold. It
just occured to me to post something about it here! It is just your
basic setup, I had it attached to a regular propane tank like you’d
have on a grill. For a picture, go to http://www.gallagher.20m.com .
Please note that the small butane torch & containers also in the
picture are no longer available. I do no know what the standards are
throughout Europe for gas tank connections, but I do know it worked
in Germany (that’s where I bought it), and perhaps you would if you
know it will also work wherever you are! I will need to charge you
for shipping, in addition to the selling price of 35 Euro. It
origianlly cost about 70 Euro, I’m selling it for half price. It
was only used for about 1 1/2 years, so it is still in excellent
condition. I will be able to accept direct transfers, German checks,
or credit cards for payment.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to
forsale@designsbylisag.com. There is also an e-mail link on the site
with the picture.

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