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[For Sale] Little torch kit

Hello everyone!

I’ve had offers recently to buy my Little Torch kit, but it seems
that everyone has deserted me… so I’ll ask all of you. If anyone
is interested, write me back on my personal email address.

I have an acet/oxy Little torch kit for sale. It’s in like-new
condition because I used it for less than a month (in fact, I used
it for a couple of works only). The kit is not convenient for my
work (I use Prest-o-lite and am very satisfied with it), but it
maybe is for you…

The kit comes with five tips (one is used, the other four are new),
six feet of hose, two double-dial regulators and two flashback
arrestors. I ask 200$ US plus shipping (which is about 25$) for it.
Anyone interested, please write me back.

Benoit Hamel