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For Sale: G.I.A. Diamond Scale

Selling a G.I.A. “Gem / Diamond Scale,” circa 1971. Original owner, purchased new from the G.I.A.
Great as a display piece or use to weigh stones.

Mint Condition! Very accurate. Weighs in carats, grams and penny weights.
Comes with weights. Glass opening doors front & back. Doors slide up/down.

Heavy, black glass base. A Quality Instrument not a cheaply made scale.
Completely adjustable calibration of scale. Has 4, height adjustable legs + a built-in bubble level for reference.

Price: $199 …Pickup in Seattle or I could deliver to the Portland, OR area.
Contact me directly at:

Will you mail?

I love the way those balance scales look. Like works of art.

In my post I mentioned Seattle pick-up or delivery to Portland, OR area because the mailing (shipping) of this scale would require ‘complete’ dissemble plus special packaging to insure undamaged delivery. When the G.I.A. shipped it to me years ago there were a lot of individually wrapped pieces… expensive to do today. Unfortunately this limits the number of potential buyers. Also in my post is a direct mail link: if other question come to mind.

Marcus: if other questions come to mind.