For Sale: Display Case

Custom made display case. Walnut and glass.
Case sits on a welded steel tubing base. (1" square tubing) Professional welding. Case can easily be lifted off the base or screwed to the base. (steel base is drilled for mounting) Case has sliding glass doors with a lock. Glass doors have recessed pulls ground into the glass.

Overall Height: 54 ½" (base + top)
Width of top: 42"
Depth of top: 14"
Height of top: 13"
Height of base: 42"
Width of base: 38"
Like new condition. Great for store, gallery, shows or collectables.
*Better looking in person than in these photos!

Cost $2200 to have made.
Sell for $695
Consider Free delivery in Seattle area and down to Portland, OR area.

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Do you still have these?

Yes. Probably best to contact me off Forum via: