FOR SALE: Casting Machine

Several days ago I mentioned a Torit Casting Machine we’d be selling. Below is a summary of what I said with details & photos now.

A couple months ago we came across a Brand New (never used), ‘vacuum assist,’ Torit, vertical casting machine circa 1970. Torit made several sizes. They made a “special” one in a large size with the vacuum assist function. We have the medium size Torit in our shop for Paige Torch Tips (related) testing but it’s not the “Special” one with vacuum assist.

The machine we are selling was stored for decades and is mint condition. Includes the original, Torit heavy duty splash shield + 11, brand new, stainless flasks of various sizes + 2, brand new Westco (high temp) crucibles. It stands about 28 inches high and uses either standard crucibles or Westco (high temp) crucibles. It will take flasks up to 4 inches dia. by about 6 inches long. There are 3, predrilled / threaded holes under the base that ‘almost’ come through the base. Made this way so a person can choose which mounting holes to use and easily complete the hole drilling. Bottom of the splash shield is fully drilled for mounting. (not shown in the photos)

It’s the “vacuum assist” function of this machine ‘combined’ with the vertical spin that makes it very special. Use it without a vacuum assist and you still get the benefits of its vertical spin …also a safety benefit. Used with a vacuum line (small diameter tubing to the pump) and a connected vacuum pump (not included) the machine becomes a great platinum caster and/or all other precious metals producing dense castings. The machine may also be used as a ‘stand alone’ vacuum caster without the centrifugal vertical spin function.

The machine has 3, cast speed option settings determined by which of the “propeller look-alike” stops (visible in several photos) you choose when winding. Only one, winding turn required to set any of the 3, casting speeds. Casting is done by pushing down on the handle with the black knob. No sticking your hands between a (horizontal) centrifugal machine and its splash shield. Another advantage of the Torit design!

The vacuum assist Torit… a ‘Top of the Line’ machine with very special features compared to any centrifugal casting machine sold today.

Price: $1350 (OBO) + shipping.


Hi, I just joined only to find out if you still have this casting machine for sale. If so, what is the current price.

Good morning. This is an amazing piece of equipment. Is it still available for purchase. Please let me know. I can be reached at 1-613-224-7565 or at

Thank you in advance