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For Sale: BRAND NEW Indutherm MC-20 Casting Machine

Hello People
My friend is selling a brand new indutherm Mc-20 casting machine. He purchased it to start casting but never got to it.
its a brand new machine, he also has an original box.
The is the best machine to cast gold and platinum…
the machine includes:

3 Indutherm Crucibles for MC-15 (platinum, Gold,steel)

MC20V Thermocouple Type “N” (casting gold,silver…)

MC20V Thermocouple dummy (casting PT, PD)

MC20V Crucible Outer Quartz Shield

Clear “Hot” Window With Gaskets

MC20V Thermocouple Protection Tube


Selling for: 13500 OBO (the original price with tax was 22K)

Hurry before its gone :slight_smile:

you can PM me or text, call : 612-963-8631 Edward

Item Location: Carlsbad Ca.
Willing to ship

Main benefits

• Very easy and safe to use, short implementation time
• Excellent price-performance ratio
• 3,5 kW induction generator for quickly reaching the melting temperature
• Thorough through-mixing of molten metals using low-frequency induction tuning
• Melting under vacuum or inert gas to prevent oxidation
• Top quality form filling using overpressure of up to 3 bars (casting under vacuum also possible)
• Economical consumables

The MC20V is designed based on the same tilting principle as the MC 15. However it is systematically designed for intricate casting projects in continuous operation in larger foundries.
Latest generation generators

The MC20V is equipped with a latest generation induction generator, developed especially for this housing design and with high operating efficiency. Convenient, high precision control is provided via a new operating system, with an LCD display, full text display and program control.
Award-winning vibration technology – unique in its class

For the first time, our multi-award winning and patent-pending vibration system is now available in a compact casting machine. Using vibration when casting ensures better form filling, creating casts with greater, more consistent densities, higher elasticity and greatly reduced porosity. Vibration technology is a compelling alternative to the frequently used and relatively delicate centrifugal systems, especially when casting platinum or palladium.
Major application

• Platinum casting in lower quantities, for gold, silver, steel as well
• Casting of master models, single items as a satellite system, makes autonomous from big casting department
• Quick shots by use of standard investment material in less than 4 hours, on "speed" investment material in less than 2 hours from wax piece to casting
• Excellent solution fro studios and goldsmith' workshop with limited space
• Casting of rolling blanks for platinum processing in copper mould under vacuum

Bump :slight_smile:

I think many casters are drooling over this equipment I know I am. It’s only 12k out of my budget. :upside_down_face::upside_down_face:

i know i myself have one. its the best Machine on the market with the best results

lord knows im drooling lol. :slight_smile: consider this another friendly bump for
an as new machine, as well as an investment in somebodies future.