For a little gold

Here is a way to refine computer parts for the gold.

Looks like a whole lot of work for very little…

Cheers, Hans

Looks as if you should say “goodbuy” to your lungs when you do this
in your kitchen without a fumecupboard (Hydrochloric acid and
Chlorine fumes) :wink:

(Sorry, could not resist to answer. Have a PhD in chemistry.)

Gee-haven’t you guys eaten a boiled egg with a silver spoon? It
tastes awful! I do not think this is a health issue as it’s been done
forever and all over the world, but the reaction of silver with cream
and eggs is very obvious and tastes bad. That’s why there are all
those little shell, stainless, etc. egg spoons. Rhodium plating
solves all!