For a Better Orchid


The Orchid list is getting bigger. and we can all be proud of that. I
really think that by following a few basic rules we can all help in
making it even a better list, [and make my administrative task

  1. Edit your reply. Cut out irrelevant parts of the original
    message and include only relevant parts in your reply. remember,
    all messages are available for the WWW for browsing! Proper
    editing of your responses will make it easier to browse through
    the archive and will save us hundreds Mb of bandwidth

  2. Please don’t respond to unsubscribing request. I process them
    as soon as I get them. Usually messages containing the words
    subscribe and unsubscribe are programmed to Bounce for my
    approval! But sing-off, remove me ect. are not…be patient!

  3. Seriously consider posting the sender a private Email response if you
    think that your response is Not for a general list interest.

  4. Try to stick to the group subject, or at least add YAK to the
    subject line for off subject postings.

  5. Respect other members opinion. Avoid flaming!

  6. The Digest format available for those who can’t handle the
    Email load. I hope that each one of you will contribute making it
    a better group!

For a better group!
Dr. E. Aspler
Managing Director
Ganoksin Jewelry Co.,Ltd.

** For a Better Orchid **

                           **      Basic rules       **

o Edit Your Reply. Use the copy/delete/paste commands to include
only relevant segments from posting you are replying to. It
will save us hundreds of megabytes of bandwidth and will make the
Web browsing of the Orchid’s Message Archive a faster experience.

o Send private Emails if you think your response is not for the
general interest of the list.

o Do not respond to Subscription / Un-subscription requests. The
list is programmed to bounce for approval such messages based on a keyword
match. I am responding to each request as soon as I read it.
Please be patient!

o Do not send file attachments to the list without getting the
list’s approval! It will be of good Net-practice to describe
the file and send it privately only to those interested in
getting it. Important files can be uploaded to the Ganoksin’s free FTP
site. Contact for more

o A descriptive subject line is a good way to help the list
members to filter their Emails. Use [YAK] as part of the
subject line if your posting is off subject.

o The digest format is available for those who can not manage
the volume of the open forum.

           to subscribe Orchid D-I-G-E-S-T
           send Email to


o Please respect other members opinion! Don’t flame!


==>>The Orchid Gallery is the visual front of the Orchid list.
It is here that we show each other with our creations. Send us
your entry as an Email attachment to
[Lapidary, gem cutters and gem carvers are also welcome to

==>> A complete message archive is available for online reading!
just point your browser to the ‘Orange Pages’ at

Thank you for reading!

Dr. E. Aspler
List Administrator