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Footnote on Ultrasonics

The recent thread on ultrasonics was excellent and contained lots of
good advice …Thank you Brian Marshall for being the catalyst.

Recently I had a newish ultrasonic break down and had to send it back
to Stuller. In the interim I borrowed an old Branson heavy duty
model. Over a period of several decades I have used a multitude of
ultrasonics, but the borrowed machine was awsome. It was TOO awsome.
It turned out that it was better at removing stones from channel and
pave settings than a prong lifter is with heads. After tearing up
several customers’ pieces of jewelry and wasting valuable time on
resultant repairs I realized that there is merit in using a less
powerful model…not only do you get longer useful life , you don’t
knock out stones. Ron at Mills Gem, Los Osos, CA.