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Foot comfort in the workshop

Hello Friends,

Do you have foot, leg, or overall body pain at the end of the day
from working on a hard shop floor? Not in my case. I have been
wearing Crocks for years as I work in all-day comfort (I know, it
sounds like an ad). Though steel toe shoes are most advisable,
especially when working with heavy tools, I have never had a problem
with any tool falling on my shoes and harming my feet (that’s not to
say it will never happen).

Something to consider.

Jeff Herman


When my feet are happy, I’m happy. We have cement floors so I wear
soft soled clogs.

Heavier toes than sneakers, but still easy on the feet, legs, and

I’m the one in our shop who spends the most time on my feet and
working with larger tools than my sweetie Tim. He spends more time
sitting with the microscope setting stones. Cold was his issue, so I
bought him an electric heavy rubber heated foot pad for under his
bench. He so loves it. It keeps his entire body warmer and he
doesn’t get the old bone aches so much. I found it online for not
much money.

Maybe 40 bucks. Worth every penny.

Jo Haemer

But what style do you use? There are many types now. And with heavy
work socks, right? I can’t imagine bare feet in those first style
plastic semi sandals…

Sharron, who really needs some good workshop boots.

Hi Sharon,

But what style do you use? There are many types now. And with
heavy work socks, right? I can't imagine bare feet in those first
style plastic semi sandals.... 

I wear socks and have been purchasing this style:

I cut out the side panels so my feet can breathe, otherwise, the
style is up to you. All of them have great cushioning. I even use
them at the beach.


Hello Sharron,

Wool sox are the best! Cushiony and warm inside Crocs or Burkinstock
clogs. That’s especially true in winter. And wool doesn’t trap
moisture like synthetic does. Love 'em.

Judy in Kansas, where warm toasty feet are the goal with snow coming

I have cement floors as well. In the winter the floor can be just
above freezing. I put down 1" stall mats and in the winter wear
oversized uggs with heavy wool socks. Still have a down vest on the
chair at the bench for when my shoulders get cold. Waxes are more
fragile than me though! The stall mats are great for my feet year
round and absorb a lot of noise when I have vibratory tumblers


Having uber-wide feet means finding comfortable shoes can be a real
challenge. Often, purchasing men’s shoes is the only option, as
women’s don’t come in EE or WW width.

I prefer the same style Croc as Jeff suggested, but for a slightly
differentreason; these are my first choice outdoor chore shoes, for
cleaning horse stalls & working in the garden. No holes means less
sand/dirt/stall shavings get in. For inside work, Croc slides do the
trick for me. I always wear 100% cotton socks in the "enclosed"
Crocs, even during the height of summer.

Just this week, a pair of my well-used outside Crocs finally
ruptured. Lasted 3 times as long as my Timberland Pro boots…

Linda in central FL