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Foolsgold gallery

Hi everybody, First of all thank you for the huge response we
received,when looking for jewelers.Our gallery store is up and
running on Nantucket and all is going smoothly.We are still, however
looking for a few more jewelers who would like to show their work
with us.Good design,originality and well made work, preferably in
gold or platinum is what we are looking for.Please send photos to Thanks again everybody. Barbara Keane

Hi Barbara, I am interested in showing my jewelry in your gallery. I
make limited production pieces available in sterling, 14k, and 18k
(including white, red, and green golds). I also do one of a kind
pieces. Right now my one of a kinds are mostly the popular beaded
gemstone necklaces and bracelets including ones with huge, chunky
stones and turquoise. I have a few pictured on my website, but if
you would like to see more I can e-mail you pictures. The ones I
have done are with sterling findings but I can also do them with gold
and use specific colors (for example: in one store here in NY that
sells them the owner prefers pastel colors, especially pink and
blue-greens, in addition to the turquoise that is very popular right
now). I am not showing anywhere in MA right now. Please take a look
at my website and if you are interested in
carrying my work please let me know. For the limited edition
sterling/gold jewelry I have a wholesale page:

Thank you.
Jill Montesanto
Jill Alessandra Jewelry