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Fool-proof Method For Rounding Corners?

Hi Folks -

I have been making a series of bracelets out of rectangular strips
and I want to round the corners.

I’ve been using a circle template, lining up the ticks on the
template so that the 12 o’clock tick is at the top and the 9 or 3
o’clock tick is at the edge and scribing the arc between the ticks.
This results in a nice arc to follow when I saw, but I’ve noticed
that, using this method, the placement of the arc at the corners is
not always even. Sometimes the left arc is higher than the right or
vice versa. Is there a better, more fool-proof method to make sure
that the arcs on each corner are always evenly placed?


I stopped using templates after I decided that following the lines
drawn was just as subjective as doing it by eye. I start the process
on one side of the metal then flip it over and do the same process
the other side before switching ends. This is on the theory that if
you screw up constantly it is not screwing up at all.

Sam Patania, Tucson