Fondness for sea shells

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Hi Desiree,

Beginning student jeweler, have my own slowly developing studio
and love fabrication- it makes me happy!I have a fondness for sea
shells, particularly NICE sea shells. I hunger for on
"How-to" do various techniques and sadly, I find that the plethora
of books I have purchased from the usual fabulous jewelry artists
are a bit redundant in listing techniques and I somehow always
seem to need to know the exact thing that NO ONE has included in
their book. I am especially interested in learning unusual setting
techniques (a la John Cogswell, "Creative Stonesetting", the BEST
book of them all).

I note your interest in incorporating shells into you jewellery
expression. This is a particular obsession of mine as well. In
particular I have incorporated shells in my work by making RTV
moulds and then casting from injected waxes.

I have attached some photos of my work for your interest.

All the best

Jennifer Gow
Tears of the Moon Artisan Jewellery

Gabrielle -

I completely understand, as I’ve felt the same way many times! Rio
Grande (in coordination with Craftsy) has just started offering
something I’ve been dying to have access to: high quality online
classes - I have no affiliation, I’m just really happy with the two
they’ve got so far. Goes in depth much farther than many of my
favorite books, and you get to “see” firsthand how it’s done. Plus
the instructor will answer questions you have along the way.

And there’s Ganoksin’s own BenchTube, lotsa videos that are helpful
for specific techniques and the like, along with a plethora of great
instructors out there on YouTube - mostly for specific techniques as
well as general ed.

Good luck to you, and to us all, in the quest to better our skills
and further our knowledge.