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Follow-up to Tools for sale!

Follow-up to Tools for sale!

Hello to everyone and Happy Holidays, I have finally put-up Pictures
and a complete List of the Tools with Pricing for the tools I listed
earlier in the week. Please go to

This is a fantastic opportunity for someone wanting to expand or
starting out, the price I am asking is quite reasonable and listed at
the bottom of the List page.

The shop was put together with the idea of two persons been able to
produce 35-65 pieces of jewelry per day. These quantities could be
easily doubled or tripled if you could find the right employees…

I did not include the Lathe and Milling Machine as part of the shop
because by doing so it would add several more thousands to the overall
price. I wanted to make the shop affordable and still recover some of
the money I put into it. I will add it for an additional cost or price
it out-right to someone just interested in those items.

If you have any question please don’t hesitate to email or call.

Have a good day.

Sergio Rivero