Fold Forming CD

I was just curious if anyone else pre-ordered Charles Lewton-Brain’s
foldforming cdrom and have heard when it is going to be released. I
ordered mine in June of last year expecting a November release and am
still anxiously awaiting its arrival.

Hi all Fold-Forming CD buyers,

We are,as you noticed, running very late. We are mailing out a Draft
Copy, which has some 1,500 images on it, and some 12 step by

If you have already ordered a fold-forming CD and would like a draft
copy to explore please email us at @Charles_Lewton-Brai1 with you
mailing address and we’ll mail you one. When the final version is
done we will send you that.

Apologies for the delay, I think you will like what is on the draft.


It just so happens that I received a friendly email from Charles’s
assistant at BrainPress with an update on the release of the cdrom.
It is not quite complete but is in the works. I have been messing
around with some of his fold forming techniques (that he generously
outlines on both Orchid and his own site) and I’m excited to see what
will be on the cd.

If you haven’t already, you should check it out.


Mine came several months ago, in time for my birthday in November (a
gift from my husband!). I would contact them again.

Beth in SC

I have received my draft copy of the Fold Forming CD. I am looking
forward to the finished version. In the meantime the draft copy keeps
me occupied and sometimes baffled trying to figure out how some of
the pieces were done. I just love hearing my friend say,“How did he
do that?”, then the chase is on to figure it out.

Thank you Charles for what will be a lifetime of experimenting. What
a wonderful gift.

Bill Churlik

I sincerely hope this does not open a can of worms and I hope this
does not offend anyone, but has anyone gotten their cd on
foldforming from Charles Lewton-Brain yet? I have sent him emails
with my change of address and new email address and asked if anyone
at that end could please respond and let me know if they got the
but I have heard from them yet. If the cd has been sent
out I have not gotten mine and it went to my old address, which
iwill get from my kids. If nobody has gotten the foldforming cd
could someone please respond to me and let me know what is going on.
I would appreciate it very much, again I am sorry if this has
recently been hashed out I have not been in touch for two months.


Hi Karen,

We have the Draft copies which are being mailed out, if we missed
your email you have our apologies. I will contact you off list and
make sure we have your current address and get one out to you.

If there is anyone out there who has not received a draft copy and
who ordered one please contact me off list and we’ll send one out to
you. We are still looking at a Draft copy, though it has over 1500
images on it now in its partially built state, and some dozen step by
steps on fold-forming. There is enough on it to keep you occupied for
a while. I expect the final version to come together in 2007.
Foldforming and pictures can be found heRe:


Hi Charles,

I would love to order a draft copy. Hope it’s not too late. I must
have missed something on this forum as I didn’t know about this. I am
fascinated by fold forming.

Thanks in advance,

We know how committed Charles L-B is to sharing of information
(including his part in birthing the Orchid Forum of course). But
after clicking on the link offered yet again which explains
fold-forming (with photos, no less!), I want to express my gratitude
for his openness in offering this knowledge in such detail. And this
also goes to all who take the time and effort to help others here.
Thank you. At the risk of sounding “PollyAnna”-ish, what we see on
Orchid is a great model for one way the world can change for the


Cindy Crounse
Refined Designs Original Fine Jewelry

We have the Draft copies which are being mailed out, 

I recently received my copy, and was thrilled when I put it in my
computer. The number of images is incredible; the quality and of the
photography is terrific; the step-by-steps are very clear. There is
so much on this CD, it is hard to realize that it is incomplete!
Though I look forward to the final CD, I would not want Charles to
rush----quality takes time. Fold Forming Forever!

Cynthia Eid