Flux for silver soldering

Hello, my name is Pablo, I am from Argentina, in this country there
is not good flux for soldering silver, all they crystallize, and they
are of difficult application, somebody could help me with some it
formulate this flux, liquid or better in cream?

Thank you to all
Pablo Andres.


If you are doing sterling silver, I use a tuna tin can filled with
water and spread some borax in there to saturate the water and then
submerge the pieces. When I will solder them I take them out and dry
them with the flame of my torch and then apply the solder.

Hope these help you.



To get your crystalized paste flux to go back to a paste form. Heat
the crystalized flux in a stainless steel pot over low heat on a
stove and stir gently until it dissolves, add a little water and
remember it will be much thicker in consistency once it is cooled
back to room temperature so add more water than you think it needs
while it is hot.

The components in flux are often poisonous so have a special pot to
do this in that is only used for flux, do not use a pot that will be
used for cooking food in.


James Binnion
James Binnion Metal Arts


Hello Pablo;

Hello, my name is Pablo, I am from Argentina, in this country
there is not good flux for soldering silver, all they crystallize 

If you can’t order flux from one of our U.S.A. suppliers such as
Stuller or Rio Grande, you can make a flux yourself that will work
OK, but it’s not quite as good as the kind you buy. First, you need
to find Borax. Grocery stores carry 20 Mule Team brand borax in their
laundry products. Potter also use it in their glazes, so if you know
a potter, perhaps he or she could spare some. You will need to grind
it very fine with a mortar and pestel, which is like a small version
of the old tool used to grind corn for flat breads. (I see your
English is quite good, but I can’t know how large your vocabulary of
English words are). I don’t know much besides English and French.
Anyway, once you get the borax ground fine, mix it with water to the
consistency you prefer. Let us know if you try this, and whether it
works for you. I’m sure others here will offer more suggestions.
Best of luck.

David L. Huffman

I like Batterns Flux for Silver. I don’t know about shipping
restrictions, but most jewelry companies carry Batters.