Flush setting

Someone asked for a refresher on flush setting and no one answered
that post for some reason. I would really be interested in this also,
especially if some of you have seen the Blaine Lewis video that some
of us can’t afford and any tips that might be had from that …

Dave, One tip that I can offer, whether you are flush setting a soft
stone or diamond, is to take the time to cut a snuggly fit bearing
(synonymous with seat). You will save time in the long run because
the remainder of the procedure will be simplified. And, the cosmetics
will ultimately be much better…Robert R. Wooding

I am assumeing that you know a little about setting in general. The
point to remember about burnishing mellee is tolerance. The seat needs
to have very close tolerances. Not undercut. Use a regular setting
bur. Start off making the hole a little on the small side and open it
up if necessary. If you envision a stone from the side, you will note
the metal surface, the lip, the inside wall, the seat and the drill
hole. By pressing a brunisher from the surface down onto the lip, you
will note that the lip and wall collapse This can be further
influenced to drop completely to the stone. Some will tell you to
undercut the seat and “snap” the stone into the setting and then start
brunishing. I was taught this way. Undercutting actually carves out
a section of metal that is necessary to hold the stone. When the
burnisher is applied, the lip drops away from the stone. It can be
done this way, but I have found better the former much more efficient
and secure.

The two most important things to remember. Close tolerances and don’t
seat too deeply. It isn’t necessary. and tends to hide the stones.

Hi Dave, Flush setting techniques can vary depending on the particular
design, metal, or stones that you are working with. Please feel free to
call me at 757-486-1519, I will be glad to share some of the tips that
I have learned from a variety of jewelers on this subject.

Blaine Lewis


I love the look of the flush set gemstone in the attached file and
wondered if anyone could tell me how to create that look.

Thanks for any help/tips.


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How can I share files and pictures with the list?

Or… send the files to the attention of service@ganoksin.com and
we will upload them for you…


Donna, your pic was removed, so I am not sure if this answers your
question, but I recommend a DVD by Blaine Lewis called Bezel and
Flush Setting, if you wish to learn how to flush set well. He has
created a very good step by step instructional video that makes this
style of setting easy to follow and to learn, and learn well.

Hi All

If anyone, or a school wishes my setting notes, with easy to
understand diagrams on “How to set stones in a Fish-Tail Setting”. No
bother, just ask for them, I’m here to help you! If the response is
positive, I might give it a try & make a video on how it’s done.
“Difficulty out of 10”, it’s a possible 15.

Lots of Triangular-file #4 cut shaping & filing, Bright-Cutting,
Bead-Raising of metal, Under-cutting of the metal & using a 156C
a.k.a. ‘bearing-cutter or heart-shaped bur’.

I’d be using a Onglette graver #1 & #2, extensively all through this
very detailed setting process! Only one little prerequisite, is that
you might need about 5-10 years of practice, in the use of a graver.

This is my humour in this posting. At the end of my *‘9+ year
apprenticeship’ *my instructor taught me how to do this style of

Now it’s your turn to learn, it ain’t difficult, but it’s a

Gerry Lewy