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Flush setting into thin plate

In Alan Revere’s “The Art of Jewelery Making”, the lentil ring has
flush set diamonds into a 26g hollowform. How was that done? I
thought one had to have atleast 18g plate in which to flush set.
Either that or come in from the back, of which neither of these
techniques could be employed. It refers back to another project
which uses a tube. Does this mean he made a depression in the convex
piece before he soldered the lentil together and soldered a tube in
the middle of each depression? I’m flummoxed.

Thank you for the great forum.

I’ve seen diamonds set this way from behind. A hole slightly
smaller than the stone is drilled. The diamond is put behind and
held in with a small jump ring, soldered in place.

Steve Brixner
Steven Brixner Jewelry - San Diego CA USA