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Flush setting in fine silver?

I am brand new to flush setting; I just read a long thread about it and am nowhere near the skill level addressed there (I’ve set a couple of stones now, which seem alright to me, but frankly after reading all that detail & opinion I’m feeling almost afraid of it now). Anyway. I set my practice stones in fine silver, basically a ball of it that I added to a ring shank. I’m wondering though if fine silver is too soft to use for a ring? Will it wear away quickly? Many thanks.

Fine silver is generally too soft for rings as they tend to get banged around. You might, as I think you may have, use it to make bezels as it is a bit easier to move over the stone than sterling. I was always disappointed in it because I would get a thin bezel done and it looked nice only to find that it dented easily. I am not sure about flush setting other than when you are done you have a fine silver ring that might get damaged easily or even loosen and let your stone pop out. Others may have better ideas. Good luck…Rob

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Thanks Rob. The shank itself is sterling on these two rings, it’s just the little ball with the stone in it that’s fine silver. I used that because I thought it would be easier for practicing on, but I really like the way it looks. I think fs should be fine for studs and small pendants. I’ll probably switch to sterling for the rings, just in case. Cheerio, Sue

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Sounds like a plan. Good luck…Rob


Practice on a thick sheet of copper drill about 30 holes and go from there.

Good idea, but I bought real stones to practice with so I’m doing it in silver (I suppose I should have bought cz). This was the first one.

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