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[Florida] Jewelry Attractions

Me and my family are going to florida from the Uk in the last week of
june first week of july, mainly to visit disney, but can anyone
suggest jewellery places or exhibitions to visit as well as any
suppliers in the area as I intend to purchase some tools whils’t I’m

Thanks in advance
Martin Evans

Martin Evans - I live in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. If you are
going to be at DisneyWorld, will you be coming to Busch Gardens in
Tampa. There are several good galleries in this area. The main
gallery for the statewide Fl. Craftsmen’s organization is located in
downtown St. Petersburg. There is also the Arts Center of St.
Petersburg, where we teach metals/jewelry classes. There are a
number of good jewelry artists in this area. In Winter Park next to
Orlando, there is Rollins College. They have a wonderful permanent
exhibit of Tiffiany windows - just incredible. Right on the park in
Winter Park, there is a good gallery called Timothy’s, with lots of
good jewelry. Please contact me off list if you want more detailed
info. There is much more I could tell you! Gini Rollins

Re Martin Evans visit to Florida this summer, Martin where in FL are
you planning to visit? Its a big state and there are shows, etc, all
over the place. Summer is usually a pretty quiet time however, as all
the “snow birds” have gone back north to escape the heat. Don in Ft Lauderdale.

Hi all:

Along this thread, where are the places to go, convenient to the
Southeastern US, to see exhibits of Arts and Crafts, Art Noveau, and
related (Jungendstiel??) styles of jewelry? I was recently at the
Met in NYC, and saw relatively little of such, and just one piece of
the Chicago Metalsmith School. I was disappointed.