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[Florida] Advance stonesetting class

Does anyone know of a class on enameling being offered in the south.
I live in Florida. Also, I’m looking for an advance stonesetting


Julia - Don’t know where you live in Florida (it is a long state).
I would contact Felicia Liban She is not shown in the local phone book, but
if you look at the site for her book it will tell you to: Send to
Felicia Liban Enameling studio, 5237 Marshfield Lane Sarasota, FL
34235 or call (941) 378-1592 I’ve not checked this out personally -
haven’t had time, but will before too long. But you may want to
contact her about classes. I doubt you could find a better teacher.


Try Stewarts international School for Jewelers in Jupiter. I took a
class there in March to brush up on my repair and stonesetting and I
hope to get back soon to take the advanced stonesetting.

Barb Baur

Im in Tampa, would be interested in a class … is Julia(?) planing
to schedule one??